Driveway Alert System Choices

What are the different types of Driveway Alert Detection Systems available and what are the pros and cons?

Passive Infrared ( Driveway Motion Detector )
  • Pros (advantages)
    • Detects moving people and vehicles
    • Driveway Motion Sensor does not have to be next to the driveway (can be set back)
    • Lower Cost
    • Lowest Current Draw (best battery life)
  • Cons (disadvantages)
    • Will sometimes detect animals such as deer
    • Can be affected (rarely) by light reflections or intense light
Metal Detection Probes ( Metal Vehicle Motion Detector )
  • Pros (advantages)
    • Probe magnetic sensor can be buried – non visible
    • Will not detect animals
    • Reliable sensing of metal objects – rare false alarms
  • Cons (disadvantages)
    • Will not detect people (walking or running)
    • Higher Cost
Rubber Air Hose ( Vehicle Pressure Detector )
  • Pros (advantages)
    • Only detects moving heavy objects (vehicles)
    • Will not detect animals
    • No false alarms
  • Cons (disadvantages)
    • Will not detect people (walking or running)
    • Does not work if frozen ice or snow on ground
    • Hose wears out over time

What are the different types of alerting systems available and what are the pros and cons?
Wired Driveway Alarm System

  • Pros
    • Reliable
    • No batteries to change
  • Cons
    • Difficult to install

Wireless Driveway Alarm System

  • Pros
    • Line-of-sight range can be up to 4 miles, depending on system
    • Easy to install
    • Less expensive for longer distances
  • Cons
    • Trees, hills and buildings will cut down the rated wireless transmission distance
    • Frequent battery changes

How many entrances can I cover?

You can cover more than one area or entrance using multiple sensor transmitters reporting to just one receiver (or multiple if you wish).

Can I use different detection methods for different entrances?

Yes, this can be done using different sensors (driveway motion, vehicle motion, vehicle pressure hose).

Can I attach external sirens, lights, buzzers, etc.?

Yes, most driveway alarm systems have a relay output for hooking up such devices; see our accessories page for what options are available.

Can I have more than one receiver reporting the same alarm?

Yes, you may purchase additional Drive way Alert receivers and install them where you need, they will each report the same alarm.