Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor Alarm

Vehicle detecting Driveway Sensor Alarms use a magnetic metal sensing driveway probe to detect moving metal. The magnetic wireless driveway vehicle sensor or driveway probe can be buried alongside the driveway, or just placed next to the driveway. With a magnetic driveway alarm you will never detect animals, people, etc. and you will only get an alert when a large metal object such as a vehicle moves or passes by the magnetic vehicle driveway sensor.

Magnetic Wireless Driveway Sensors will only detect moving metal vehicles using magnetic detection. If you want to avoid detecting animals and people, this is the detector type to use. These driveway alarm systems are false alarm free if installed in an area where there is no other traffic or metal moving. The sensor probe may be located near any stationary metal such as fences, gates or even parked cars. It only triggers an alert / alarm when a vehicle (or large metal object) moves!

These sensors will detect vehicles only (magnetic detection of metal vehicle passing by). The sensor lies (or is buried) on one side of the driveway and has a wire that goes to a transmitter box (the alert signal is wirelessly sent to the inside driveway announcer). Generally the driveway sensor probe and wire are buried the distance to the transmitter box. If buried, the detector / sensor are not visible at the driveway entrance. This system takes more effort to install and is generally the most expensive. The Magnetic Vehicle Sensor is typically buried beside or if possible beneath the driveway and only detects moving metal, It will NOT detect people, animals, etc.