Long Range Driveway Alarm Systems

The MURS Dakota Alert Drive way Alert systems are the longest range wireless systems available and have the added bonus of two-way communication capability!

The new MURS Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm and MURS Vehicle Detector are used to monitor activity at remote locations. The MURS Alert transmitter utilizes passive infra red sensor technology that will send an alarm signal via the MURS transceiver to the handheld or inside base station MURS transceiver to alert you that activity is going on in the monitored area. The MURS Vehicle Detector uses a metal detection probe to notify you that a vehicle has entered a monitored area. The M538-HT and M538-BS transceivers can also be used for two way voice communications. The MURS Dakota Alert and the MURS Probe Drive Alert transmitters are capable of sending 4 different alert messages to either or all transceivers (receivers). The alert signals are user recordable statements and are easily selected at the transmitter so that separate zones (transmitters) can be monitored at the same time. MURS Dakota Alert will give you real time monitoring of remote locations up to several miles away.

The MURS Dakota Alert has many different applications; it can be used by security guards, small businesses and also by hunters monitoring game trails; any scenario that requires immediate notification when someone or something enters a monitored location. MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) is a license free FCC regulated service that allows the user to transmit voice and data. MURS also allows a maximum of 2 watts of output power. This means greater range than other license free radio services.