What Can a Driveway Alert Prevent?

Having a home security system may be all that some people need, especially if they do not really have a driveway or much exterior space at all. For example, those who live in a townhouse in the city and park on the street or in a parking structure, might not find much use for a drive way alert.


On the other hand, however, those who do have driveways, yards, or walkways in front of or behind their homes usually find that a driveway alert can be seriously helpful, both in preventing crime and letting them know that someone is on their way up to the door. What types of crimes can a driveway alert system prevent? Here is a list of just some of the crimes that can be prevented with one of these systems.


  1. Car vandalism or robbery – Have you ever had a car, sitting outside in your driveway, vandalized during the night or even in broad daylight. Even if you have a competent home security system, it can do nothing to alert of you activity outside of your home. Even motion-activated spotlights might not do the trick. An alarm that specifically lets you know that something or someone is in your driveway, on the other hand, will allow you to prevent someone from vandalizing or even breaking into your car.


  1. Home vandalism or robbery – Again, a system that only alerts you when someone breaks a window or jimmies a door open will not protect you from someone throwing eggs at, toilet papering, or even seriously vandalizing the exterior of your home. This can only be prevented by a drive way alert system that lets you know that someone has approached your home, even if they do not break any windows or open any doors.


  1. Being unprepared for a guest – While not a crime, not being ready and waiting to open the door or not making sure the house is presentable can be almost like a crime for some people. Because driveway alerts make sure you know that someone is coming up to the house, you have plenty of time get ready for their arrival, well before they actually knock on your door. This is especially true for those that have large houses or that cannot move quickly to open a door.

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