Other Uses for Driveway Alerts

While the primary function of a driveway alert system is to let you know about cars, people, and even animals approaching your home, they can have a variety of uses, even for those that do not have a driveway. They can offer protection a range of different environments, providing you with instantaneous alerts as to movement around just about any part of your home. They can supplement or even replace an interior security system, if you know how and where to install a drive way alert system in different parts of your home.


  1. Keep your dog in his kennel. Do you have a dog that just loves to climb the fences of his kennel and escape into the rest of the yard? Whether your dog is a climber who makes a nuisance of himself by escaping from his enclosed area or actually tries to get of the yard, you can set up a wireless or wired driveway alert system to let you know about any movement in an area where there should not be movement. If he’s climbed the fence, the sensors at the top will let you know.


  1. Let you know when someone comes home late. You can wire up a system to monitor a specific window or doorway and have the alarm sound anytime someone goes in or out of that doorway or window. This means you can be alerted the moment that your teenager tries to sneak out.


  1. Keep deer out of your garden. Setting up a few drive way alert systems around your garden enables you to know if large animals are getting into your crops, especially at night. If you live in an area where deer often help themselves to your fruit and vegetables, this alarm will let you know that they’ve come to find a snack and give you time to scare them away before they ruin your carefully curated crop.


  1. Protect your garage or other buildings. If you have a building that is not connected to the main house, driveway alerts are a great way to keep an eye on them, even if you can’t see them from inside your house. This alarm will let you know if a person or animal is approaching or trying to get into that building.

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