Five Benefits of Driveway Alerts for Rural Homeowners

Because rural areas are less populated than city environments, there is usually a much lower incidence of crime, even in very wealthy areas. This is largely because the houses are less accessible and there are fewer people in the vicinity who might be willing to commit a crime.


This may lead many people who live in suburban areas or in country settings to believe that they do not need any kind of security system, when in fact, a security system, especially on as easy to install and affordable as a driveway alert system, can be extremely beneficial to those who live in these environments. Here are the five benefits of drive way alert systems for people who live outside of the big city or not in high-crime areas.


  1. Advance notice about someone approaching the house. Many people who live in suburban settings or far away from the city have long driveways leading up to a large house. Because property is less expensive outside of a big city, you can have a larger house—but that also means it takes more time to get to the door. A drive way alarm will let you know when a car or person is coming up your driveway, so you’ll have time to reach the door.


  1. Warning of animals around the house. Especially in very rural environments, the biggest danger is not other people, but animals. Whether your area has bears or coyotes or just deer, you can set your alarm to let you know if a large animal is coming up to your home.


  1. Additional layer of protection on top of other security systems. If you already have a security system that will sound when someone breaks a window or opens a door, you need something that lets you know about danger even before it reaches your doorstep.


  1. Extends your sight. If there are trees or other brush blocking your driveway, making it impossible to see if anything is there, an alarm system can be your extra set of eyes, telling you whether or not something is present.


  1. Protection against possible criminal activity. Even though this setting may be safer than living in the city, it is always better to be safe, rather than sorry. A driveway alarm affords you the protection you need about any potential criminals, even if there has never been an issue before.

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