Buying a Wireless Alert System? Here is a Review of the Dakota Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Alert System

Solar power has many advantages when used as your power’s source- it’s free, environment friendly and best of all renewable. Many appliances and gadgets have the option to run on solar. Thus, it’s not surprising that even a wireless alert system has adopted this concept.

One of the biggest challenge of home security is many of the entryway alert products on the market are meant to be installed inside. There is only a shortlist of products that can withstand outdoor conditions.

One of the stalwart in this home security segment is the Dakota Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Alert System which we shall review in this article.

The Dakota BBA-2500 is a solar powered alarm that uses an infrared break beam system to detect movement within an area. When tripped, it sends a wireless signal to its base receiver which then sounds a loud alarm. Its sensors are powered by lithium ion batteries that can be recharged by its solar panels during daytime.

When installing the sensing terminals, you can mount them on any walls or flat columns. The terminals must be aligned and facing each other in a distance no further than 300 feet. Signal beams are relayed into these two terminals and once it is disturbed by someone passing in between the two sensors it will trigger an alarm in the receiver.

Because it uses infrared beam signals it is not affected by the movement of small objects like birds, falling leaves or a gust of wind. It can also be mounted high enough so that it won’t pick up your dog or other animal’s movement. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.

According to its manufacturer, the maximum distance that the receiver can receive signals from the transmitter can reach up to half a mile, provided that it is unobstructed. This device’s receiver is also compatible with other instruments from the Dakota 2500 series and can receive signals from them.

When the receiver sounds its alarm, it plays one of its four selectable tones- Classical, Ding Dong, Whistle and Westminster Chime. It can also be programmed by its user so that its 12V terminal and relays can activate for a second, 10 seconds, a minute or 10 minutes, instead playing for just 6 seconds in normal setting.

Other functions of the receiver include: a counter function which counts the number of times the alarm was tripped; a reminder beep that tells you a signal was received in the last 15 minutes in case you were not around during the time it was triggered; and a five minute exit delay so you can walk pass the sensors without triggering them as you leave the house.

The system can cover up to 4-zones using multiple transmitters. A perimeter can also be set up so long as all the transmitter are perfectly aligned with one another and is still within the wireless range from the receiver. It’s also possible for the Dakota Solar Powered Wireless System to have multiple receivers in the system.

Below is the summary of the features of this device:

-Creates an infrared beam of up to 300 feet between the two sensors. Can even set-up a perimeter with additional sensors.

-Receiver can receive alarm signals at a distance of up to half a mile when unobstructed.

-Batteries in the sensors are rechargeable via solar panels

-Has a reminder beep function that tells you the alarm has been tripped in the past 15 minutes or an hour

-Receiver and transmitters are compatible with other products or accessories from same manufacturer. As such you can have one receiver and multiple sensors or multiple receivers and just one sensor.

Because it is solar powered you wouldn’t need to check on the sensors just to know if their batteries are dry. It also can save you a decent amount of money that might have gone into replacing its batteries. Best of all, you have contributed in a small way to the environment.

However, despite all this positive points about the product, it too has its shortcomings. Here are its pros and cons


-Large detection area which can even be made into a perimeter thus, making your property more secure

-Superb wireless range which makes it perfect for large establishments and even on farms

-Solar powered sensors require very little maintenance and ensure continuous functionality

-Receiver has a reminder button that tells you if you missed listening to an alarm

-System has a five-minute delay function so you can leave your house without triggering the system


-Relatively more expensive than some of its competitors

-Frost buildup and thick fog can sometimes trigger the alarm

Who Should Buy the Dakota Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Alert System?

The device is perfect for homeowners who have a large yard or driveway. This can be placed even in between trees, your gate or the columns on your veranda. Because it can form a perimeter alarm, it can be very beneficial for those who have a large property area.

 This device can also be used in a warehouse’s driveway to signal that a delivery truck has left or docked in the premises. If you have a garden or green house, you can install it within its area to warn you of stray animals that may cause damage to your precious plants.

Best of all, this product will surely appeal to environment conscious consumers who support renewable energy.


The Dakota Solar Powered Wireless Infrared Beam Alert System is a reliable product which can shoulder your perimeter security problems. While initially you will pay a bit more than its cheaper counterparts, but at the long run you can still save money by not buying single-use batteries.

This device is also easy to install and requires little to no maintenance. Its sensors are weatherproof and can used to cover a very large area. We highly recommend you to buy this item, especially if you have extra money to spare. The integration of alert system and solar power technology is paving the way to the future of home security industry.

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