8 Reasons to Purchase a Wireless Driveway Alarm

With crime rates soaring all over the United States it's no wonder that many homeowners are searching for the best protection money can buy. The FBI reported nearly 8 million annual property crimes in their most recent survey - and in some cases, the problems seem to be escalating.

There are many things you can do to burglar proof your home but many homeowners don't consider the need for a wireless driveway alarm. For rural homeowners, as well as families living anywhere crime is a problem, a wireless driveway alarm offers additional peace of mind. 

There are many benefits of driveway alarms though. Knowing all 8 can help you find the right product for you.

1. Head Off Intruders 

With rampant crime plaguing America, security is still the prime reason homeowners will want to invest in a wireless driveway alarm. Combining the right products for your home and family with signage announcing the protection allows for an extra layer of defense for your valuables. 

Many home security systems have a major flaw. Traditional window and door sensors only detect breaches, not glass breaks.  

With a wireless driveway alarm added to your home security products, you will know when intruders are close. You can notify the authorities and may even have video footage of any perpetrators.   

2. A Wireless Driveway Alarm Detects Animal Activity 

With suburban sprawl and escalating animal populations, many homeowners face another foe to their homes and land - animal intruders entering their property. From raccoons to groundhogs, wolves, coyotes, and bears, there are countless pests that can come ravage your outdoor space.   

For homeowners with gardens or persistent rubbish issues, a driveway alarm can help know when your unwelcome animal pests arrive. With advanced warning, you can scare them off and head off any damage.   

Some families can't get a handle on what is eating away at their plants and expensive landscaping. Your wireless system will let you know if it is deer or rodents you need to address as an issue.   

3. Your Guests Are Here

What's more personable than greeting your guests at the door with a warm welcome, or even a cold cocktail in hand? Beyond the security benefits of a wireless driveway alarm system, you'll be a better host with the help of a driveway alarm. 

In addition, for those with long driveways and larger areas of land, you can interact with your guests prior to their arrival. Whether they need detailed directions or support in another section of your property, you will be notified and can respond accordingly.

4. Keep Away Solicitors 

Whether it's election time or a typical day at the house, there's nothing worse than being disturbed from your work and family time by door-to-door solicitors. Whatever service, product, policy, or politician they are trying to sell you on, it can be impossible to get rid of them once they get started.  

There's good news. If you have a driveway alarm you'll know if unwanted or uninvited visitors are on their way. You won't even have to answer the door or leave the couch for their disturbances. 

5. Light It Up 

Some guests you want to keep away. Others you want to welcome. 

And you and your family should always feel welcome coming home to a warm and inviting house. What better way to make everything look safe and inviting than a well-lit space? 

With wireless driveway systems, you can tie your lighting to the activity in your driveway and the perimeter of your home. Not only will the bright lights deter intruders, it will also make you feel safe and welcome everytime you come home.

Many burglaries and trespassers can be headed off with well-lit areas too. You will get the most protection benefits without the expense of keeping the lights on.

A driveway alarm system can vary based on the size of your property. Make sure you have advanced warning and a well-lit space no matter if friend or foe is on their way.  

6. You've Got Mail 

Do you remember the recognizable voice announcing "You've got mail" on AOL? Today's homeowners who want a similar reminder when they get mail delivered to their physical mailbox are in luck with a driveway alarm sensor. 

You can install your wireless system to notify you when the mail is delivered to your home. No more waiting anxiously or pacing back and forth to your box.  

You'll know exactly when your mail arrives.  

7. Watch Your Delivery Services 

If you watch the news you know there can be a variety of issues with other package carriers. A simple internet search turns up dozens of videos of UPS drivers and FedEx employees behaving badly. 

A wireless driveway alarm system with video monitoring included can help you keep an eye on all your deliveries-- not just the daily mail from the US Postal Service. 

If you have any issue with a delivery or service person you will have video footage as proof of your claim. 

8. Have A Chat 

Another benefit of many driveway alarm products and systems is the audio feature. Not only can you monitor the perimeter of your home with sound signals and video monitoring, you can use audio to interact with your visitors.  

For some rural homeowners and families with large sections of land, these communications can assist in interacting with services and deliveries. Integrating wireless radios with your driveway alarm allows for convenient interaction with contractors, delivery people, and family members.   

Don't Waste Time 

Homeowners who understand the many benefits of wireless driveway alarm systems know that it is a mistake to wait any longer to install the best products. Unfortunately, with all the products on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that works best for you.

EZ CyberQuest can help you find the perfect products for your home protection and the other convenient benefits of wireless driveway alarm products. We find and develop the best products and solutions you can't easily find elsewhere.

With all the issues a driveway alarm can prevent there is no need to wait another day. 

Browse our great selection of driveway alert sensors, alarms, and motion alert products now. 

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