7 Ways to Strategically Use a Driveway Alarm

Having a driveway alarm is a great way to protect yourself from burglars. But it's also worth so much more than that.

Driveway alerts can have a huge number of hidden benefits for your home. Some are important to keeping your family safe, some will keep your wallet happy, and others are just fun!

Either way, get ready for a whole new list of reasons to consider one of these alarms.

Keep Your Kids Safe

It goes without saying that a driveway alarm will keep your family safe. We all hope that nobody will break into our homes and try to harm us, but these days you just never know.

Keeping intruders out is not the only way we can keep our children safe with alarms.

Consider this: every week fifty children are injured by a car backing out of a driveway. Many of these children are killed.

Whether they're your kids or somebody else's, no one wants to see a child hurt.

Having an alarm set-up, especially a long-range alarm, will save the lives of children in your neighborhood. Children are small and often move quickly and unexpectedly. An alarm can alert you if there's a child behind your vehicle that you can't see.

Track Your Deliveries

We all know how much of a pain it can be to miss a delivery. The UPS driver always seems to come when you're in the shower or cooking, and because of that, the knock on the door or ring of the bell goes unheard.

Having a driveway alarm adds an extra layer of knowledge to the arrival of mail and packages. That means you won't need to wait until tomorrow to sign for something, and you'll be able to open your mail as soon as it arrives.

Your Driveway Alarm Is a Pet Alarm

If you have an invisible fence for your pet, it can be a pain to sit outside waiting for them to finish doing their business. This is especially true if there's something else you could be doing.

Adult dogs need to go out between three and five times a day. If you have a puppy or a senior pup, that number is higher.

If you have a driveway alarm, you can let them out to pee and play without guilt. When you hear the alarm, you'll know your fur babies are ready to come back inside.

Keep Tabs on Teens

Being a teenager is a time of rebellion. Trapped between childhood and adulthood, your teens have something to prove and sometimes choose to prove it by disobeying you.

We all know what can happen when teens sneak out. And when the teenage social life is based on rebellion, a curfew will do nothing to prevent sneaking out and parties in the woods. 

What can help prevent your teen from going to these parties is having a driveway alarm installed. Like magic, you can now tell when they're sneaking out and catch them before they do.

Know If You Have a Customer

Driveway alarms aren't just for homes. You can also install one on the property of your business, which has its own advantages.

If you're having a slow day and want to unwind, you should be able to without looking unprofessional when a customer arrives. Having an alarm installed in your driveway will let you know when people are entering and exiting your parking lot.

This will ensure you're ready and presentable for customers. No one wants a patron to overhear your personal phone conversations or employee interactions.

A first impression goes a long way in the world of business. Insight into approaching customers will help you make the right one.

Keep Your Cars Safe

Lots of people have house alarms to protect their homes from intruders. Driveway alarms can do the same in preventing car burglaries. 

If somebody breaks into your car, a car alarm will go off. But your car alarm is not the best way to protect your car. By the time you hear it, the carjacker is already inside.

A driveway alarm will stop a potential thief from getting anywhere near your car. This alarm will sound if anyone enters your driveway late at night before they even have the chance to reach your vehicle.

Hide a Trick Up Your Sleeve on Halloween

This last tip is a bit more fun, but the fun of it shows just how versatile a driveway alarm is.

It's Halloween and kids are coming to your house to say 'trick or treat'. No matter how you decide to give out candy, you can still have fun while doing it. Who doesn't love a little Halloween prank?

Put on your scariest costume. Then, when teens come to the door, jump out using the scariest voice you can muster. Avoid scaring small children! 

An alarm doesn't always have to be about practicality. Knowing when Halloween visitors are approaching is a great way to enjoy a little spooky fun and let your inner kid out!


There are a number of reasons to get a driveway alarm, from keeping your home, vehicles, and children safe, to monitoring all other outside activity.

When deciding on a which one is right for you, it's important to do your research. Be sure to purchase from an online provider with a sterling reputation and a long history of selling driveway alarms online.

After the purchase and installation of your alarm, you can rest easier knowing your home now has an added layer of protection.


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