Driveway Alert Systems & Sensors

We specialize in Wireless Driveway Alert Systems, Driveway Motion Sensors and Accessories from many manufacturers, including Dakota, Optex, and Rodann. Some of the longest wireless transmission range systems on the market are the Dakota MURS Alert systems, which have a wireless transmission distance (to your receiver) of up to 2 to 4 miles! All of our wireless driveway alerts have a wireless receiver which provides an audible and/or visual alert when someone enters your driveway. Vehicle Detector Sensors include Driveway motion and magnetic driveway sensors.

Who is EZ CyberQuest?

Ourooking for with us! Our goal is to find / develop and offer entry alert productsOur company EZ CyberQuest was created to make it EZ to find (quest) the products you need in the cyber-online world. So your Quest is over, we can help you find Specialty Alarms and Security Equipment.

Our mission is to make your search on the internet EZ by finding what you are looking for with us! Our goal is to find / develop and offer Specialty Alerts & Alarms, including Driveway Alerts, Security, etc.